3 main reasons to use the BUDDY Service App

Although our mobile phones are full of apps, we only use a few of them on a daily basis. 

So why should you add the BUDDY Service app?

First of all, you should know that the app is made for people with access needs. To date, there are unfortunately still not many solutions on the market that help this largest minority group worldwide.

If you have accessibility needs, you should know the main reasons for using the Buddy Service App.

2 guys in a wheelchair

1. Easily book adapted services & product needs in Barcelona

Travelling to Barcelona and losing your wheelchair is a nightmare for every wheelchair traveller.

Unfortunately, there are still many complaints about broken wheelchairs during flights and at the airport. In this case, your operating range is very limited and you usually need to rent a substitute wheelchair. Yet, your trip barely started: You may also need a ramp to enter places or a cushion for more comfort, amongst many other things.

These situations may happen to travellers as well as residents. 

The BUDDY Service App displays a wide range of adapted services & products from professional service providers and you can book your needs whenever you need them.

You can easily book a wheelchair, scooter, crutches, etc. before your arrival and also on-demand.

2. Encounter less barriers and be safer and more independent during travels

The BUDDY Service is the first app to display adapted services & products for the Accessible travel cycle in a Click & Meet marketplace made for people with access needs.

Booking adapted services and products is often not easy:

– Language/Communication problems 

– Outdated web, contact & service information

– Misunderstandings during the order process

– Non-adaptable services & products

– Long waiting times

– Non-transparent extra costs

– Low quality products

The BUDDY Service App seeks to find easy, fair and effective solutions to travel and daily life barriers, because we understand how difficult it can be to book required services & products. We work with established providers to ensure the best service and product quality.

3. Improve the lives of travellers and residents with access needs in Barcelona

The BUDDY Service App is currently available in Barcelona.

In case you have any service or product requirements during your stay in Barcelona, you simply check the availability and book your service needs in the app.

Having the BUDDY Service App always at hand empowers you to experience the city with all your service needs covered. Saving stress, worry and hustle makes you feel happier.

4. Restaurante Cadaqués Barcelona

Another accessible restaurant with mediterranean food is Restaurante Cadaqués Barcelona (Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 6, 08003 Barcelona). 

Service dogs are allowed and there’s wheelchair accessible storage available as accessibility features.

The restaurant has a step-free entrance at ground level with a door width around 180 cm. Inside, the floor is smooth and the space is free of obstacles with enough turning space. The space between tables is good and the seating has easy access. 

Finally, the restroom is wheelchair accessible as well: step free, enough turning space, toilet grab bars available and sink clearance. 

All people deserve the right and opportunities to travel.

We make your Barcelona experience accessible, because city travels should not be a headache.

The BUDDY Service App displays your accessibility needs. Easy booking of your adapted service & product needs in only a few clicks.

Are you ready to travel safer, more comfortable and more independent?

Download our app here: