Buddy Service: Your app for Disability services & products

People with disabilities & access needs represent the world’s largest minority. Finding and renting a wheelchair in a foreign city can be very challenging during travels, if needed. 

Access for wheelchair users in Barcelona

This idea gave place to the creation of Buddy Service, an app that will make your travel a lot easier. Keep reading, if you want to find out more about our goal: 

Where the idea comes from

It’s a fact that traveling to any place implies lots of complications and risks for people with disabilities & access needs. Imagine a traveler with a wheelchair stays in Barcelona and the wheelchair doesn’t work anymore. 

We developed an app that facilitates a person’s well being by making services accessible and available for everybody, with a quick 3-step (check – select – get) method that is almost as easy as ordering your food from home!

Our Buddy Service App meets the needs of city visitors (during travels) and Barcelona residents with a high usability and easy-to-use interface. This makes ordering any required services easier and smoother.

Launch in Barcelona city

The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona has become one of the most popular city destinations for city tourism worldwide. It’s also known to be very “disability-friendly” as it is one of the most accessible cities around the world, when it comes to public streets and spaces. 

Buddy Service has found great local service partners to improve service logistics for travelers with disability’s lives, but also supports local residents to use the app as a “must-have” in order to get the assistive services & products they need and without any struggle. 

Service accessibility revolution

Buddy Service App will not only make your travel more accessible than ever, it will completely revolutionise your travel experience! If you are planning an upcoming trip to Barcelona or you live here, be sure to download the app so you don’t have to worry about needed service accessibility anymore.

The Buddy Service app connects users with Barcelona service providers. By signing up on our web page app.buddy-service.com, local partner businesses find an excellent opportunity to attain a wider distribution and advertising of their services & products.

Buddy Service’s features
  • Assistive services & products listings
  • Accurate information and clear pricing
  • Click & meet
  • On-site delivery (incl. on-demand)

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→ The app is available for iOS and Android and is FREE to download for users and service partners.