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Hello Buddies,


Hi, my name is Fabian Krämer, CEO of BUDDY Service. Let me tell you our story.


My friend Verena loves to travel and visits Barcelona many times a year. She was born with AMC and uses an electric wheelchair.

If you have specific access needs, you know how difficult and stressful travel can be, especially at the airport and, in general, in unknown places.

There are a lot of potential barriers for wheelchair travellers. The wheelchair stops working, because the battery is run down, you may need an extra ramp to enter places, a special cushion for more comfort, among many other losses and stressful situations.


Because of her experience in the city, Verena knows exactly who to call for any problem that needs to be solved.

But what if you travel to a foreign country and you don’t speak the language? What if you don’t know any local contacts who can help you in the spot? What if you need quick on-demand aids to continue your journey?

The BUDDY Service App makes your Barcelona stay easier, your friend to check and directly book adapted services & products in cities.

Because we believe everyone should be empowered to always have the same rights and possibilities. All people deserve to travel in a self-determined, independent, and safe way. Even my grandmother has no excuses anymore to visit me in her wheelchair.

So let’s explore the world together and find some happy places to fill our lives.

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